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In a world where it seems we continually measure everything else, understanding human performance continues to elude most organizations. BoxScore is the missing real-time feedback loop for people and organizations who want to be their best.

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What's the Secret?

BoxScore is not a survey. Two well-designed questions (using our Quan-Qual The secret of BoxScore is in crafting just the right 2 questions which capture the essence of the customer or colleague interaction you’re evaluating.

Focus Question #1 on a key element of the interaction that feels Quantitative or objective (e.g., how well did Chris resolve the problem you reported?). Focus Question #2 on a more Qualitative or experiential aspect of this personal encounter (e.g., how polite and professional was Chris?).

These Quan-Qual scores, when displayed on your BoxScore dashboard, paint a remarkably clear picture of that customer event. Charted over time, performance and satisfaction trends quickly emerge. Use our starter questions to get going - or design your own!
method) allow your customers — in about 30 seconds — to provide the real-time stream of essential data you need to optimize the performance of your people and your organization.

Dashboards & Reports

Intuitive, visual displays allow you to see your staff, team or organizational performance at glance. Immediate scoring confirmations provide early warning of any customer concerns.